Student Appeal Form

Student Appeal Form

Part A: Student Details

  • General appeal
  • ESOS appeal
  • Outstanding tuition fees appeal
  • Assessment appeal
  • Attendance appeal
  • Course progress appeal
  • Refund appeal
  • Withdrawal appeal

Part C: Student appeal interview

  • Yes
  • No
What time are you available for an interview?
March 2020 ?
Interviews are normally conducted Monday to Friday between 9am - 5pm. Appointment requests outside of these times may not be granted and are subject to rescheduling.

Appeals that are submitted without supporting documents (or submitted with blank documents) can not be processed and will not arrive at a resolution.

Expected resolution date: (Two weeks from the date of lodgment unless otherwise agreed by both parties)
  • I declare the information supplied on this form is correct and complete, and I agree to abide by the regulations of ECA Graduate Institute Pty Ltd.